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Who is Y'Leah Rose?

She is the sweet taste of grace that uplifts others by being herself. It is love that carries her through all seasons of life. Love stamps the energy of timelessness on her essence. It seeps out from her core and shows through self-expression. Her style is her armor. The armor demands that others must treat her with respect. If you approach her with love, she will handle you the same.
Y’Leah Rose is passionate, gentle, honest, and stylish! She lives every day truthfully as herself.

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The Trixie Link Bracelet

Wanna link up? Try hanging out with one of our girls and see how well you get along! They're waiting for you Here.

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The Military Chic Dress

Who said you can't be chic while getting your hands dirty? The dress is Here.

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The Oversized Opps

Block out the opps by focusing on your own vision! They're waiting Here to assist you.

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The Fedora Jay Hat

Don't forget to cover your head when necessary. Grab your hat Here.

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