About the Boss

Haley Floyd


Haley Floyd was born in Georgia on July 25th. She soon became the oldest of seven siblings. It immediately trained her on how to carry a big load of responsibility. Despite having a large, busy family, she always made time for her passion for fashion. As a little girl, she would spend time designing clothes and playing dress-up. Fast forwarding to her college years, she, first, attended the Art institute of Atlanta. She had aspirations of obtaining a degree in Fashion Design. However, after a few classes, she realized that fashion design wasn’t her desire. Haley took a break from college and accepted that it’s okay to take a pause and develop a personal, healthy plan. In 2013, Haley attended American Intercontinental University. She graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business with the concentration of Fashion Marketing by 2017. Soon after graduating, she birthed Y’Leah Rose Handbags and Accessories, along with a beautiful and healthy boy, Ameer Messiah. Being a new, working, and  entrepreneurial mother quickly became a juggling task! As a result, she entered pause number two! After centering herself, she came back out of her shell more confident, stronger, and ready to deliver.